Friday, January 16, 2015

The Issue of Issue Writing in GRE

Exam begins with issue writing and I have to ensure a score of 3 +
Is Issue Writing really an Issue or do strategies make my task easier?
I left essay writing practice in 10th std... :(
Since the exam begins with issue and argument writing, these can really make or mar the mood for the rest of the exam. Moreover, the scores of writing appear under a separate category called AWA- Analytical Writing Assessment which gets special attention from the university Admissions Committee. Therefore, honing the writing skills is highly essential.
Langauge proficiency is important. Use of complex words helps to enhance the score. Use the high frequency words of GRE wordlist.. It pays to memorize the 3500 words not only for sentence equivalence and text completion but also for essays. Also, a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences should be used. Any structure used too often lowers your score. however, correct grammar is more important than complex.
Focus on essay organization.  Introduction of about 40-50 words should be followed by 2-3 paragraphs that clearly state and elaborate your opinion. and a conlusion. Restate topic in introduction and opinion in conclusion. 
Finally but most importantly, address the topic correctly. Given best organization and sterling language, if the topic is misinterpreted, the score topples. Effective care, language improvement and practice on strategies is the key to 3 +. Alll the Best.


nancy john said...

 I totally support GRE/GMAT based exams when a student is going to enter into programs of such a higher academic level.

GRE Analogy

Manjot kaur said...

I read lot of articles and really like this article. This information is definitely useful for everyone in daily life. Fantastic job.

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