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Crack OET Test with A grade Confident

OET Prep for Australia

Our innovative & fresh methods, process & services guide you in all respect of the OET curriculum. Here are few reasons to choose Achievers Point for your OET preparation.

Outstanding Mentors:
Our trainers come from much enriched backgrounds that include Real Test Takers & some truly versatile people.

Real stuff from horse’s mouth:
Achievers Point train a large number of students not only in classroom session but also through correspondence and online tutoring. Our each student get interface with the real questions which have appeared in exams recently, because each day many of our students appear in examination.  If anyone encountered any unfamiliar questions next day the similar questions will be taken with all students of our class in the form of class quiz.

Performance Monitored !
We monitor your performance during the prep though numerous test & class exercises. Every SCORE is marked on “Mentors Daily Report” sheet. That goes under the eyes of your chief mentor.

Chief Mentor on SMS:
If you face a problem during the course contact our MD on SMS anytime, on the number displayed on notice board at every centre.

Gurukul Revisited!  
We give personal attention & strike a chord with all our candidates as it was the case during the ancient "Gurukul".

Promise Delivered!   
For Each class we go through “Feedback Sheet” which makes sure we deliver exactly what we PROMISE.

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a language test for overseas qualified health professionals. The Test assesses English language proficiency as it is used in medical and health professions. The OET is administered by the OET Centre seven times a year and in over 40 locations around the world. The Test measures the language competency of health professionals who are seeking registration and the ability to practise in an English-speaking context. It is designed to ensure that language competency is assessed in a relevant professional context.

Currently the OET tests the following professions
>> Dentistry
>> Pharmacy
>> Dietetics
>> Podiatry
>> Medicine
>> Physiotherapy
>> Nursing
>> Radiography
>> Occupational Therapy
>> Speech Pathology
>> Optometry
>> Veterinary Science

How are OET results reported?
You receive results for the four sub-tests that make up the OET as one of five grades – A to E. A is the highest grade, E is the lowest. There are descriptions for each grade on the printed Statement of Results you receive:

There is no overall grade; you receive a separate grade for each sub-test you take. You may receive different grades for your performances in different sub-tests. There are many aspects to being able to use and communicate in a language effectively and the OET tests many of these across the four sub-tests. Test design separates test materials into the four macro-skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) for practical reasons and to acknowledge that these involve different sub-skills and strategies.

OET Exam consists of the following Pattern
It consists of four sub-tests: Listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Currently, one should obtain at least B for all four sub-tests to be eligible to work as a doctor in Australia.

Test Centre & Dates
The test is administered up to 10 times a year across over 40 venues,mostly in Oceania and Asia. Not all venues operate on every test date. There are upcoming exam dates in 2015.
>> 24-Jan-15
>> 21-Feb-15
>> 21-Mar-15
>> 19-Apr-15
>> 23-May-15
>> 20-Jun-15
>> 25-Jul-15
>> 22-Aug-15
>> 20-Sep-15
>> 17-Oct-15
>> 14-Nov-15
>> 12-Dec-15

Training Options:
>> Online Tutoring
>> Classroom Coaching
>> Fast Track 1 Week
>> OET Material

Online Tutoring for OET
Lessons are geared toward your specific OET strengths and weaknesses. Plus, they're engaging and interactive. You'll never just scroll through pages of dull text. You'll have 24/7 support and an "Online Coach." You'll learn from updated manuals and materials that cover every area of the OET. Our courses let you prepare on your own schedule, at your own pace.
  1. Individualized OET prep program based on diagnostic test.
  2. Serious test prep for serious students!
  3. Development of customized test prep program and schedule.
  4. Practice quizzes with online explanations.
  5. Special OET exam prep for nurses.
  6. Sufficient OET books are available for practice.

Classroom Coaching for OET
Extensive classroom coaching is led by passionate faculty having appeared in real OET exam. You will know all which suppose to come in your real exam. With us you can be sure for your guaranteed success.  Few key features of our classroom training.
  1. 100% pass rate.
  2. One of the Oldest OET centre for prep.
  3. All latest and fresh OET material from Australia.
  4. Help with immigration and lifestyle of Australia.
  5. Freshly developed study material based on Latest OET test trends.
  6. Practice test for Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking based on actual OET expired version.
  7. Option to take "Live Online Tutoring" from the best faculty available across the world.
  8. Audio/Video classes for speaking section that include accent neutralisation.
  9. Special batch for weaker students for sure shot high score in OET writing.
  10. Limited seats, Admission only by "Achievers Test"

We appreciate your interest in our Services & innovative study methods. We welcome your queries & concerns. We wish to be the part of your success story. Looking ahead to assist you in the best efficient & effective manner.

We are just call away. Call on 09899004123

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The Issue of Issue Writing in GRE

Exam begins with issue writing and I have to ensure a score of 3 +
Is Issue Writing really an Issue or do strategies make my task easier?
I left essay writing practice in 10th std... :(
Since the exam begins with issue and argument writing, these can really make or mar the mood for the rest of the exam. Moreover, the scores of writing appear under a separate category called AWA- Analytical Writing Assessment which gets special attention from the university Admissions Committee. Therefore, honing the writing skills is highly essential.
Langauge proficiency is important. Use of complex words helps to enhance the score. Use the high frequency words of GRE wordlist.. It pays to memorize the 3500 words not only for sentence equivalence and text completion but also for essays. Also, a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences should be used. Any structure used too often lowers your score. however, correct grammar is more important than complex.
Focus on essay organization.  Introduction of about 40-50 words should be followed by 2-3 paragraphs that clearly state and elaborate your opinion. and a conlusion. Restate topic in introduction and opinion in conclusion. 
Finally but most importantly, address the topic correctly. Given best organization and sterling language, if the topic is misinterpreted, the score topples. Effective care, language improvement and practice on strategies is the key to 3 +. Alll the Best.

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Achievers GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS Prep & Admission Counseling

Filled with customized and excellent material for aspiring candidates, for various purposes such as online tutoring, classroom coaching, admission guidance and visa counseling, Achievers Pointhas turned thousands of dreams into reality. Blessed with expert academicians and educators, Achievers Point has proved to be one of the most reliable sources of information and knowledge up gradation for students.

Achievers Point provide coaching classes for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, LSAT, OET and IELTS test preparations and Admission Counseling that are based on purely practical knowledge and research.